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1 hour 30 minutes


Your 1 hour session includes an experienced archery instructor and full tuition on the art of using a recurve longbow. Each participant will be taught how to hold a bow, aim and shoot at an official competition size archery target using aluminium shafted arrows.

A series of practice arrows will allow the basics to be mastered before the session moves on to a competition round (usually 9 arrows per person). Most people begin with no experience and can only just get an arrow on target – by the end of the session some impressive scores can be achieved!


  • The laminate maps can be purchased at reception
  • Participants are shown the answer sheets at the reception desk of the visitor centre on the return of the maps.
  • Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear are advised.
  • For more information on orienteering see – it’s a great site with lots of super images and videos bringing orienteering to life for those of us who are novices!

What's Included?

  • Introductions to the equipment and initial kitting up
  • Your very own friendly and dedicated instructor to oversee your day
  • Bushcraft workshop learning basic survival skills
  • Archery challenges on the range
  • Low and high rope adventures up in the trees
  • Toilets available on-site
  • We can run extra sessions at a time to suit you. If you can’t easily find the date you’re after please contact us and we will be happy to help.
$110.00 / person

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